Saturday, April 5, 2008

In the Beginning...

April 05, 2008. I've decided to enter the world of blogging, perhaps just a little bit late. My experience with "Web 2.0" stretches back quite a bit, and I've been using other social networking/user content sites as long as they have existed online. Blogging is the next natural step then, I suppose.

I'll be writing on here about various topics I'm interested in. Expect to see a lot related to music of all genres, from album reviews to thought pieces to pure promotion of a band or album I like. Books and literature will probably be another big topic, along with movies and the like. My other main interest at the moment, with the approaching 2008 election, is politics and current events so don't be surprised if multiple posts on that topic appear (Preliminary warning: I hold mostly liberal views and currently support Barack Obama for President).

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read my thoughts, a blogging is useless without an audience. For the record, the name "Either/Or" comes from a book written by Søren Aabye Kierkegaard and not the excellent Elliott Smith album of the same name.

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